Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Victim of CIA and Electronic Harassment or what so called Mind Control

Ahmad Fani
The purpose of this website is to rise public awareness about a horrendous crime that is committed against us by CIA and it's co-operative agencies around the world. And to reach for help from the public, human right organizations, human right activists, UN organizations, government officials, religious leaders and anyone with heart. There are hundreds of victims like me around the world that are being harassed, tortured and humiliated every minutes of their life. We need any help, even if you just feel sorry for us. I can forward 500 other case summaries to anyone who requires.In 1994 I went to Canada and 1997 they accepted me as a refugee. Not knowing what was awaiting me I thought that all my problems were over and I was going to live a happy life. Somehow for six to seven years the life went on as I was expecting, studying working and so on. In March 2001 the preps which I believed they are CIA and the CISS of Canada agents targeted me for the first time when I was living in Toronto, Ontario and that was the beginning of most horrible era of my life. First I wasn’t sure what was going on but it started with horrendous nightmares every night, then I realized some people that were following me around, residing beside my apartment and coming to my work place before that happens were CISS and CIA agents.After that I moved around and every 5 to 6 months I changed my apartment but they always targeted me and I only was able to run form them whenever I wasn’t sleeping in my car or in my apartment. But from 2005 they never lost me for one minute and that was when the horrible tortures started, they were directing sharp microwave at my head that I had to remain still and can do nothing. I wrote a letter to Paul Martin prim minister of Canada at the time and sent copies to my doctor and UNHCR but it reached nowhere. Later they increased the torture by directing sharp microwave at my eyes and ears. It was absolutely unbearable my eyes were turning red full of blood and I lost almost 1.5 of my sight. At that time I was working for a pizza store as a supervisor and I found it impossible for me to continue my work there or live in Canada. So in April 2005 I left and went to India, unfortunately they reached me there as bad and the harassment continued, after that I moved to Iran to Turkey and U.A.E. but they are still torturing me. Sometimes they don’t let to sleep for two consequent nights by directing microwaves at my eyes, abdomen and other parts of my body.When I look back to see what went wrong and what was my mistake, I can’t exactly figure out, maybe I shouldn’t had gone to Canada and just had stayed on the stove instead of jumping into the fire.I am not sure if they are tracing us by our DNA or there is an implant. There is a possibility of implant because when I am praying, running, playing soccer and some other times they are able to increase my heartbeat and even one time when I was x-raying my right foot there was and small object showing in the sole of the foot but when the clinic did another CT scan there was no trace of it, in which I guess they are able to move the implant around.Why the torture us? Well, please read the articles about a project called MKULTRA. You will realize that they used Electrical Shocks and LSD at that time to brain wash the victims, now they are using torture and electromagnetic radiation instead.

Thanks and Kind Regards,

Ahmad Fani

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